Bertrand Trichet graduated from the National High School Of Photography Louis Lumière (2001). For more than 20 years his skateboarding practice tailored his eye and his photography in streets of the major cities.  Following his interest in interactions between people and environment, he expended his procedure to broader landscapes (Alps, Iceland, Japan, Mongolia, China, USA, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nepal etc.). He lived and worked between Barcelona and Paris for 8 years. Since 2014, he settled in France.


  • Journey In Rare Life (Librairie des Alpes - 2018)
  • Behind The Curtain (Maison de la Mémoire et du Patrimoine, Chamonix - 2014)
  • Granit, Summer 2034 (Collective exhibition - Les Bains, Paris - 2014)
  • Aka Rör (collective exhibition - STPLN Gallery, Malmö - 2013)
  • Spot/Glisser la ville  (Festival Les Photaumnales, Beauvais - 2012)
  • Convince Me (collective exhibition) (Ex’Realm Gallery, Tokyo - 2007)
  • 80-10 (collective exhibition, Centre de Conservation du Livre, Arles - 2006)
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